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This ‘British First’ parody account is trolling Trump on Twitter, and it's perfect

This is utterly brilliant

This ‘British First’ parody account is trolling Trump on Twitter, and it's perfect

Britain First – an anti-immigrant, far-right fringe group – was thrust firmly into the spotlight this week after President Donald Trump (I still can’t believe I have to write that) retweeted three anti-Islamic videos by Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of the party. The videos were entitled: ‘Islamist mob pushes teenage boy off roof and beats him to death!’, ‘Muslim Destroys a Statue of Virgin Mary’ and ‘Muslim Migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches’.

Fransen, who was found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment earlier this month after verbally abusing a woman wearing a hijab and was fined almost £2,000, thanked the President for the apparent endorsement and has continued to post incendiary comments and videos.

But now we’ve found the perfect, utterly hilarious antidote to Britain First’s tweets; we present the new and improved ‘British First’.

This important account, with more than 12,000followers, draws attention to the pressing issues of dangerous Muslim-trained pigeons, booby-trapped road-signs and the evil war on Christmas - making sure to @ in Trump, so he can be alerted to such atrocities.

Here are the tweets are in all their glory:

Of course, people quickly fell in love with the account. Lucy tweeted: “Whoever you are, thank you. You’ve actually helped the world.”

ShortList has reached out to the man behind the account – believed to be Twitter user Jason Spacey.

The fallout from Trump’s retweeting of the Britain First videos continues today with reports that the President’s planned working visit to the UK next month has been cancelled. A senior US diplomat told The Telegraph: “The idea of a visit has obviously been floated, but not December and not January. I would not expect a Trump visit in January.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been one of the leading voices against the visit. He said yesterday: “President Trump has used Twitter to promote a vile, extremist group that exists solely to sow division and hatred in our country. It’s increasingly clear that any official visit from President Trump to Britain would not be welcomed.”

(Image: Rex)