Britain First called Facebook ‘fascist’ after its page was taken down


Pot? Kettle? White? Definitely white. 

In possibly the most ironic story we've seen for some time, Britain First - better known as the deeply xenophobic and Islamophobic group on Facebook disguised under Union Jack-draped patriotism and oft-shared by that weird guy you haven't seen since school - labelled the social networking site as ‘fascist’ after its page was removed. Before being put back up again.

Speaking of the decision to briefly remove the group, Britain First not only called it a 'cowardly attempt to ban criticism of Islam and immigration on the most popular social network in the world' but also launched a legal fund to 'drag Facebook into court' over the matter.

The post then asked its fans to make an urgent donation to this fund by clicking on a webpage or phoning the HQ... though now it's back up on Facebook we're not sure what it'll be doing with the funds. Large effigy of Mark Zuckerberg perhaps?

It's also worth noting that the page asking people to donate is still live - so please: if you have a Facebook friend who regularly makes you cringe by sharing Britain First articles, and you fear may be swayed into parting with their cash, send them this link instead.

It’s a link to the Red Cross, allowing people to make a single donation toward the Europe Refugee Crisis and change the world for the better.

One less racist gesture at a time.