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Brazilian woman survives hit and run

Video shows nightmare incident with fortunate results

Brazilian woman survives hit and run

When depicting a hit and run (we don't do it often, it's not like it's our thing) we usually envisage bones, blood and a vehicle speeding off into the distance.

As this video shows, that's not always how they pan out. Severe injuries aren't a given, as this South American woman can testify.

This alarming CCTV footage from outside a supermarket in Brazil captures the moment she was sent flying by a swerving car. And in typically cool Brazilian style (see their soccer team circa 1970) the woman simply stands up and shakes it off.

The incident happened in Nova Andradina where our protagonist was putting the phone down and setting off down the street just as a motorbike pulls out into the road at the junction behind her.

Suddenly a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, skids past the bike and into her. The woman spots the impact before it happens and braces herself, before being forced into the supermarket she's next to.

The power of the skid even forces the driver out of his seat. Incredibly both get to their feet and talk it out.

What the two passengers have been up to which convinces them to instantly hightail it is anyone's guess. We're more intrigued by Brazil's evident love of the classic Volkswagen Beetle.

Via Telegraph