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Branston Pickle-infused tea might be the strangest brew you’ll ever try

It’s time to mix up tea time

Branston Pickle-infused tea might be the strangest brew you’ll ever try
Danielle de Wolfe
12 August 2019

Cheese and pickle are a quintessentially British pairing, much like the traditional fish and chip supper or strawberries and cream during Wimbledon.

But what if we told you Branston Pickle want you to add a spoonful of the condiment to your next brew?

This will take some convincing.

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Just in time to celebrate Afternoon Tea Week, the British brand has partnered with expert tea designer, Bernadine Tay, to put a twist on the nation’s favourite beverage.

Catering to our increasingly adventurous palettes, the combination makes for the ideal non-alcoholic alternative to the classic pairing of cheese and red wine.

Bernadine Tay says of the creation: “Every cheese lover knows that a cheese sandwich with Branston Pickle is an ideal pairing. The Branston Pickle-infused tea marries both cheese and pickle to celebrate one of the nation’s favourite occasions – afternoon tea.”

Incorporating zesty hints of apple, orange, lemon, Tay focused on creating complementary levels of acidity to achieve the perfect pairing. With cheddar having at a pH level of approx. 5.1-5.4, the ingredients of the tea were chosen to achieve a very similar pH level.

Branston Pickle-infused tea might be the strangest brew you’ll ever try

The tangy, tantalising punch of pickle is an acquired taste in its own right, so could this condiment-infused brew really take off?

“The concept of afternoon tea has changed dramatically over time,” Tay notes. “We are now seeing modern twists to the British classic with many afternoon teas incorporating exotic ingredients such as yuzu, butterfly pea flowers and hibiscus, and pairing these with a wider range of flavours in their sandwich fillings or pastries. Most recently, we’ve even seen an entirely frozen afternoon tea concept.”

Fancy it? Well, the recipe is below. Personally, we’re off to make a proper brew instead.

Branston Lovers Tea Recipe (for one 500ml teapot)

1 fruit teabag (should contain hibiscus)

1 black teabag (any breakfast tea blend)

2 heaped teaspoons of Branston Smooth Pickle

3 thin orange slices

4 apple slices

1 slice of lemon

Small bunch of celery leaves

Boiling water

2 heaped teaspoons of honey (optional but recommended)

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