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Boost Your Tricep Training

Boost Your Tricep Training

Boost Your Tricep Training

Three Bodyweight moves to transform your arms

Biceps are all well and good, but triceps are the key to big arms. We asked personal trainer Myles Hopper ( for some classic and new tricep training tips.

Parallel Bar Dips

“The ultimate tricep exercise. Raise yourself up so you stabilise yourself at arm’s length above the handles. Lower your body to a 90-degree bend at the elbow, maintaining a strong core and stable body. Then press yourself back up by extending the elbows. Do four sets of eight reps.”

Close-grip Press-ups

“Set up as you would for a normal press-up but bring your hands closer together – about four to six inches apart. Lower your body towards the floor without touching the ground. Push back up extending at the elbows, but keeping them tight to body. Keep your whole body straight and do not let your back arch. Do three sets of 10-12 reps.”

EZ Bar Skull Crushers

“Lie on a bench with the bar at arm’s length and hands 10-12in apart. Instead of lowering the bar to your chest, bend the elbows past 90 degrees towards your forehead. Keep the tip of your elbows and triceps pointed forwards throughout. Do three sets of 10-12 reps.”

(Images: Alamy)