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Blade Runner 2 just added a ‘massive’ actor to the cast

It's big. Real big.

Blade Runner 2 just added a ‘massive’ actor to the cast
05 April 2016

“Good things come to those who wait.”

If that’s a sentiment you believe in, then the half a lifetime it’s taken to produce a sequel to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic Blade Runner must mean it’s going to be absolutely spectacular. Judging from a range of recent cast announcements (and the non-stop air punches we do every time a new name is added to the bill) it's almost certain to be the case. 

First, we heard that Harrison Ford was on-board to reprise his role as Rick Deckard. Then, everyone’s favourite dreamboat/badass Ryan Gosling got involved. That alone was enough to have us all shedding a few tears (in the rain).

Now, there’s another huge new name on the bill.

Former WWE wrestler and total human tank Dave Bautista has entered the ring for what surely must be a role of utter kickassery.

Bautista silenced his ‘Oh, he’s only a wrestler’ critics last year when he starred as Mr Hinx, the brutal, near-mute, metal-thumbed henchman in Spectre, and pretty much tore an entire train to pieces while sparring with James Bond. Late last night, the 6’6” 300lb monster took to Twitter to confirm his news. He's a little excited to say the least...

Big Dave and co start filming this July and will hit the big screen in early 2018. Goddamn, it’s going to be good.