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Japan is making a real-life version of the ‘Black Mirror’ robot dog and its name is terrifying

They're not even *that* expensive

Japan is making a real-life version of the ‘Black Mirror’ robot dog and its name is terrifying
Tom Victor
14 March 2018

Ever since the first episode of Black Mirror, the sci-fi show has begun rivalling The Simpsons when it comes to predicting the future.

It was always on the cards since the Charlie Brooker creation, which has been renewed for a fifth season, began with an episode involving the Prime Minister and a pig – something which, well…

Since then, we have seen the show anticipate China’s Social Credit System, iPhone features and a great deal more – though we’re not sure whether this is more or less scary than The Simpsons pre-empting the Trump Presidency.

And the latest prediction to come true might not be quite as groundbreaking, but it’s no less terrifying.

‘Metalhead’ was one of the more divisive episodes of Black Mirror’s fourth season – some fans described it as their favourite, while it made next to no impact on others.

For those whose memories need refreshing, it was the black-and-white episode starring Maxine Peake and a rampaging robotic dog.

Some of you might argue we don’t need any more murderous robots, but we can think of someone who’d disagree, and his name is Super Monster Wolf.

That’s right. Super. Monster. Wolf.

It’s a Japanese creation, designed with the specific purpose of defending farmland from wild animals, and if the wild animals react the same way as us to the sight of this, fair play.

The creature is essentially a futuristic scarecrow, and – as far as we know – won’t chase and kill us. As far as we know.

It does have a 1km radius, though, and the BBC reports that it will now be available as a mass-market product for just under £3,500 per wolf.

The creature will use its reach and terrifying face to fend off wild boar in the ongoing trials, and you’re lying if you think you wouldn’t watch a film called Wild Boar vs Super Monster Wolf.

We can picture it now: a late-90s A-lister who has fallen on hard times would be in the starring role, while there’d be a cameo from someone like Danny Trejo for no good reason. It would cost about £50 to make and gross in the millions.

(Images: Netflix)