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Biblically-themed Video Game Art

Biblically-themed Video Game Art

Biblically-themed Video Game Art
15 April 2014

If religion is defined as a ritual practice that instils an attitude of worship and observance of beliefs, then we're very religious about our video games (don't get us started on our belief as to which is the superior console). But the amazing work of Dan Hernandez takes things to a whole new, boss-battling level.

His exhibition at New York's Kim Foster Gallery blends elements of retro video games with religious iconography - and the results are spectacular.

Titled Genesis 2014, Hernandez draws on the gameplay styles associated with the Sega Genesis console - from side scrolling brawlers to top-down shooters - and early Christian depictions of epic scenes from the book of Genesis. It's as though Space Invaders and Golden Axe featured in the history of an ancient, button-bashing civilisation.

Head to Hernandez's site to see more of his work, and check out the full exhibition gallery on the Kim Foster site.

(Images: Kim Foster Gallery)

(Via: Gizmodo)

Defenders of Ataros

Distruction of Atega Intelari

Ex Voto

Miracles of San Segatarido

Massacre at Intalari Chapel


Segacielo Civita

Seige of Intelari Stronghold

Untitled Wall Fragment

Treasures of Castle Atega