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Bewitching minimalist GIFs of American Landmarks

Bewitching minimalist GIFs of American Landmarks

There are two effective ways to bring the Statue of Liberty to life.

You could a) ask the original cast of Ghostbusters II to coat the New York landmark with copious amounts of ectoplasm, or b) take the easier option of sketching it yourself and getting someone to animate it.

Boston-based illustrator Kirk Wallace opted, rather wisely, for the latter, drawing minimalist landmarks from three major US cities and asking New Zealand designer Latham Arnott to animate them. 

A dream team if ever there was one, the symbols - NYC’s Lady Liberty, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and Seattle’s Space Needle (we were actually hoping for Frasier’s dog but you can’t win them all) - are as inventive as they are striking. Throw in some swirling animation and, would you believe it, they're even better.

If you like them as much as we do, you can snap up some prints from Wallace’s website, starting from £15. We might wait for the DVD.