Someone asked the internet to reveal the best lies they've ever told - and the replies are hilarious

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Dave Fawbert
Liar Liar Jim Carrey

Sometimes, it’s just fun to lie

Irish Times journalist Seamas O’Reilly went viral on the internet only a month ago after revealing a truly wild story about the time he ended up accidentally working a shift serving at a music venue when the Mary McAleese, the President of Ireland, came to visit. Oh, and he was on ketamine at the time.

Obviously, hilarity ensues, and the whole thread is worth a read:

But he’s only gone and done it again.

No, not meeting a head of state while smacked up on horse tranquiliser - going viral on the old internet.

This time, he revealed the best lie he’s ever told, urging others to come forward and tell the stories of their best ever untruths, in an internet lie amnesty.

To be fair, his is an absolute corker: “In my 20s I told dozens of people that Michael Schumacher’s fave song was Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, cos he thought it was about fast cars. Literally every single person I told believed me.”

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And, God bless you all, people responded with some cracking lies, that are so good that we wish they were actually true.

Feast your eyes on this lot and, hey, why not try spreading some of these yourselves?

And, er, what?

This is, amazingly, true.

My best lie? Convincing most of Glastonbury that Paolo Nutini’s real name was Paul Nutkins. Great days.

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