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The best late night bars and clubs to visit once the Night Tube opens

Prepare yourself for a night out out

The best late night bars and clubs to visit once the Night Tube opens
18 August 2016

It's 12:30am in central London.

The bar you nipped into "for a quick one" after work has just called for last orders. You're on the crest of a second wind and don't fancy heading home just yet. 

But where to go? 

With London embracing the Night Tube like the keen enthusiasm of a sweaty drunk, we've sought the knowledge of Columbus, the information and ticket platform, to help us track down the best late night venues of the capital that are just a 10 minute walk from the stops of the Night Tube.

Stick this list in your Bookmarks, dig it out after midnight and become a hero. Or just download the Columbus app. Either way, prepare yourself.

Brixton - Dogstar

Location: four minute walk from Brixton

Closing time: 04:00 (Friday & Saturday)

Perfect for: Jumping around in a dark room full of sweaty bodies entranced by whatever noise the DJ is playing. It's good music too (mostly).

Tottenham Court Road - The Crobar

Location: two minutes south of Tottenham Court Road

Closing time: 03:00

Perfect for: Beer and whisky, accompanied by some right good music. 

Vauxhall - Union

Location: three minutes from Vauxhall station

Closing time: 03:00-11:00 Friday, 01:00-10:00 Saturday

Perfect for: Party 'till the sun comes up.

Pimlico/Vauxhall - The Lightbox

Location: 10 minutes from Pimlico/next to Vuaxhall station

Closing time: Typically open all night

Perfect for: Finding a last minute late-night rave.

Victoria - Konnect

Location: next to Victoria station

Closing time: 06:00

Perfect for: A drink and a dance when everywhere else is dead.

Marble Arch - The Sportsman Casino

Location: Next to Marble Arch station

Closing time: 06:00

Perfect for: A chance for a few more drinks and a risky visit to the roulette wheel.

Oxford Circus - The Avery Bar

Location: three minutes north of Oxford Circus

Closing time: 04:00 Friday & Saturday 

Perfect for: Colourful cocktails from somewhere a little bit 'different' 

King's Cross - Scala

Location: two minutes east of King's Cross

Closing time: 06:00 Fridays, 05:00 Saturdays

Perfect for: Finding a salsa/fusion/rock night, or hiding from the dance floor at one of the many separate bars. Check out their website for an idea of what might be on. 


Stockwell - The Clapham North

Location: 12 minute walk from Stockwell

Closing time: 03:00 (Friday & Saturday)

Perfect for: A final pint/cocktail before jumping on the night bus to Clapham Junction.

Highbury & Islington - The Library

Location: one minute south of Highbury & Islington

Closing time: 03:00 Friday & Saturday

Perfect for: Seasonal cocktails, a cold pint and possibly some jazz. Nice.

Notting Hill Gate - Tequila Tex Mex

Location: one minute east of Notting Hill Gate

Closing time: 2:30 Friday & Saturday

Perfect for: A few shots of tequila that seem so sensible at 1:15am. 

Ealing Broadway - Karma

Location: two minutes south of Ealing Broadway

Closing time: 04:00 Friday & Saturday

Perfect for: Bouncing around like a nutter to some seriously questionable classics.

Bank - Harry's Bar

Location: one minute north west of Bank

Closing time: 03:00 Friday (closed Saturday)

Perfect for: Something with a bit more flare than the average Bank boozer.

Chancery Lane - Kanaloa

Location: eight minutes south east of Chancery Lane

Closing time: 03:00 Friday & Saturday

Perfect for: Cocktails with a Tiki kick (fruity, basically) and a dance floor to throw some outrageous shapes. 

Liverpool Street Station - Dirty Dicks

Location: two minutes west of Liverpool Street 

Closing time: 03:00 Friday & Saturday 

Perfect for: A proper pint of classic ale, or something from their cavernous wine list. It's not as dodgy as the name makes it out to be...

St Paul's - Dirty Martini

Location: two minutes west of St Paul's

Closing time: 03:00 Friday & Saturday

Perfect for: A proper cocktail. They specialise in Martinis (obviously), but can throw together any of the 'classics'.

Bond Street - Fifty9

Location: three minutes north of Bond Street

Closing time: 03:00 Friday & Saturday

Perfect for: In the heart of Mayfair, you'll need to be in smart/casual to gain entry to this swish bar.

Holborn - Salvador & Amanda

Location: one minute north of Holborn

Closing time: 03:00 Friday & Saturday

Perfect for: Finding one of the best servings of Sangria in central London.