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Best jobs for your personality type

Best jobs for your personality type

Best jobs for your personality type
07 September 2014

Are you an INFP stuck in the role of an ESTJ? Or find yourself surrounded by ISFJs team members when you're in desperately in need of an ESFP? No, this isn't employment Scrabble - this is recruitment Myers-Briggs style.

For those unacquainted with the the Myers-Briggs test, it's a psychometric questionnaire designed by Carl Jung, Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. By breaking down your personality into a number of traits, the test aims to help users understand how they make decisions, react in groups and generally go about forming their world views, summarising personalities with a four letter formula.

The following chart from Business Insider applies the Myers-Briggs test to that most illusive of beasts, job satisfaction - matching the test's 16 personality types to their most appropriate careers.

Are you thoughtful and creative, motivated by principles? You might excel as a social worker or therapist. A realist who makes practical decisions? Get yourself to law school. Straightforward and honest? You're set to be an economist (wait, what?).

Have a crack at this personality type test, grab your results and (pending any lengthy retraining) you could be on your way to your perfect job.

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