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These 10 cities have been voted best in the world for a big night out

How many have you partied in?

These 10 cities have been voted best in the world for a big night out
06 December 2017

It’s the question many travellers face: where can I go that has great nightlife, is safe and easy to get around but also affordable? Well now online booking service HostelWord has asked more than 4,000 residents from 41 cities in 27 countries to rate their hometowns. They were asked to look at five key categories: quality of the nightlife, openness and friendliness of the locals, how safe people feel, how easy it is to get around, and cost.

In a result that probably won’t be too surprising, London didn’t make it onto the list (nor did any other UK city for that matter). European cities, however, scored very highly.

So, when you’re booking your next stag do, holiday with your mates or even a solo trip, here’s the list of cities to bear in mind for a weekend away:

1. Hamburg (Germany)

The second largest city in Germany, Hamburg grabbed the top spot for being one of the safest and friendliest party towns. It’s still small enough that you can walk to many places, but the public transport is also top notch, with the metro, trains, and buses running frequently.

Highlights: HALO Club (for classic house music); Bahnhof Pauli (an underground train station club); Fundbureau (an old cellar under a railway bridge).

2. Copenhagen (Denmark)

This city got top marks as the safest city centre in the study but, as expected, the price lets it down.

Highlights: Studenterhuset (popular student bar); Culture Box (widely considered one of the best clubs in Europe); La Fontaine (for jazz lovers).

3. Berlin (Germany)

Mystic place , Magic atmosphere , Quality music ... ???#berghain #panoramabar #berlin #deutschland

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It’s one of the cheapest nights out on the list – meaning more money for brunch the next day.

Highlights: Berghain (legendary club but notoriously difficult to get in to); Geist Im Glass (for a more chilled night).

4. Dublin (Ireland)

Dubs. for St. Patrick's Day. Bucket list ✔️?

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The friendly city of Dublin has some of the best nightlife around which scores it fourth place, but its price can let it down for thrifty travellers.

Highlights: The Button Factory (house and techno with amazing international DJs); Copper Face Jacks (old-school cheesy music); The Grand Social (a circus-style bar that showcases live music).

5. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Amsterdam scored highly for its openness and safety, meaning you can have the best worry-free night out possible.

Highlights: De School (former school building known for its wild parties); Sugarfactory (a less obvious gem).

6. San Francisco (United States)

The best tiki bars are the ones that evoke a sense of mystery. #smugglerscove #tiki #tikiasfuck #sanfrancisco

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The Golden Gate City may not instantly scream ‘best night out’ to you, but San Francisco locals think it’s hard to beat for food, drink, and fun.

Highlights: Public Works (classic club with local and international DJs); Mercer (for a cosy and casual vibe); The End Up (for hardcore ravers).

7. Göteborg (Sweden)

Asså Pustervik. Asså västkussarna. IKVÄLL!

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This Swedish city scored very highly for being open to strangers.

Highlights: Bengans Record Store (perfect for a chilled night out); Andra långgatan (an entire street downtown, with loads of cheap bars).

8. Prague (Czech Republic)

Prague was the top city for a night out under £30. And it’s super easy to get around – all the best areas are relatively near each other as the centre is small.

Highlights: The Cafe-Pub Atmosphere (this pub is super cheap); Juve (bar popular with students).

9. Warsaw (Poland)

Trinkhalle - Wodka und Bier ????? @mikimaike #pijalnia #poznańtrip

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Locals said Warsaw was friendly, convenient to get around and that magic word, affordable – it came second as the best night out for under £30.

Highlights: Plan B (student vibe and is in the heart of the city); Piw Paw (open 24/7).

10. New York (United States)

New York has a huge variety of food, drink, and fun, as well lots of ways to get around. Sadly, New Yorkers didn’t rate their city so highly for friendliness or safety.

Highlights: McSorley’s Old Ale House (if you love beer); Jimmy’s Corner (fantastically decent drinks prices). 

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