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Someone's remade 'John Wick' with Nerf guns and it's pretty great

He's deadly with the foam

Someone's remade 'John Wick' with Nerf guns and it's pretty great

It is a well-known fact, without possible dispute, that John Wick is one of the greatest films ever made. This also applies to the sequel. It’s not something that can in any way be challenged – these are the stone-cold, hard-pressed, ice-dead facts.

The reasons why John Wick and the similarly named John Wick 2 are so good are multitudinous, but the main one is that the action sequences, shoot-outs and fight scenes are got daym amazing. Expertly choreographed, fast and furious and endlessly rewatchable – seriously, I could watch John Wick every day for a year (feature idea) and not get bored of it.

Which is why I like the following video. Because what someone has done, is they’ve made a short little action film about a bloke called John Wick, but instead of planting bare headshots with a revolver, he’s doing it with Nerf guns. Nerf guns are, much like John Wick, also amazing, so a combination of the two has the potential to evaporate a nation of trousers in one mass panty exodus. 

Don’t believe me? Watch:

Watched it? Now look down. Do you see bare legs? Exactly.