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Beer logos of the world

Beer logos of the world

Beer logos of the world
22 August 2013

Straight from a university bedroom wall to your computer screen, it's a map of the world every distinguished beer aficionado will appreciate.

Now, lets be clear on just how rough a guide this map is. Dry nations such as Afghanistan and Iran aren't blanked out (we've notified them, and expect an official response within the never), we've no idea why nations such as Jamaica haven't been included (Red Stripe) and we aren't too sure what The Logo Company's decision making processes was when they picked one brand to represent each nation. But doesn't it look lovely? It begs the question as to how many you've tried, and which you'd like to sample

On which note, we're off to hunt down a pint of Madagascan Three Horses, just because it sounds fantastic. Click to enlarge, but prepare to yearn for tall cold one.

Beer logos

(Via: Design Taxi)

(Image: The Logo Company)