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Beautiful Time Lapse Landmark Photos

Beautiful Time Lapse Landmark Photos

Beautiful Time Lapse Landmark Photos
25 August 2014

It's incredible how different places can look when the bright clarity of the day transforms into the dark mysteriousness of the night.

And photographer Richard Silver has managed to document this transition within a single image, creating this excellent photo series, entitled 'Time Sliced'.

Using time lapsed images of the same landmark, Richard has diced and layered them up to create these vivid images which capture the range of appearances over the course of 24 hours in the life of some of the world's best known places.

We've picked our favourite ten below; head on over to Richard's website to see the full set and more of his work. You can also buy prints here.

(Images: Richard Silver)

Bird's Nest Stadium, Beijing

India Gate, Delhi

Houses of Parliament, London

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Milan Cathedral

Colosseum, Rome

Skyline, Shanghai

Süleymaniye Mosque, Turkey

Ahu Tongariki, Easter Island

Piazza San Marco, Venice