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The first UK animal dumped in 2018 has found a loving home

Want some adorable pictures? Course you do

The first UK animal dumped in 2018 has found a loving home
18 January 2018

It’s January, it’s cold, it’s miserable and you’re wondering how you’re going to get through the week. But then you saw the headline on this and thought, “Maybe reading a nice heartwarming story complete with cute dog pictures is exactly what I need to perk me up”. Well, dear reader, YOU ARE NOT ABOUT TO BE DISAPPOINTED.

A little pup named Ronnie was the first animal to be left at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in south London, back on 2 January and attracted headlines and a huge following on social media after his plight was posted online.

He had been given as a Christmas present but his owner sadly became homeless and was unable to look after him. They wisely took him to the Home so that he could find a new place to live.

But it’s all fine now, because, unsurprisingly, Battersea was inundated with offers to rehome him, and he has now moved in with his new family.

Why ‘unsurprisingly’? Well, just take a look at the cheeky little blighter.


Now ten weeks old, Ronnie has been busy settling in with the Taylors since going to his forever home on 7 January. His new family are mum Joanne, 27, dad Daniel, 29, and their two sons Alfie, eight and Archie, five. They live in Orpington, south east London, so the lil’ pup’s not had to travel too far.

After seeing pictures of Ronnie on Facebook, Joanne was inspired to head down to the centre to rescue a dog but initially did not find any to take home. However, they were later told by Battersea staff that Ronnie was a ‘100% match’.

Joanne said: “We didn’t realise till we’d got to London that it was the dog on Facebook that we saw. It only really sank in when I got to meet him. It was amazing, it was brilliant, but he looked really sad. It’s mad, out of all those people… it was a bit overwhelming that this has actually happened.”

Let’s take another look at him shall we?


So how’s he getting on?

Joanne said: “The first couple of nights he was crying and a bit all over the place, but he’s settled in nicely now. He likes exploring every room - he’s really close with my eldest son. He sleeps in his bed; he knows when it’s bedtime.

“Alfie is the one who trains him, tells him right from wrong, and feeds him. Archie is more ‘let’s go and play’. Ronnie knows that if Alfie’s around, he’s got to abide by the rules, but with Archie he knows it’s play time.”

Ronnie with his new family

After arriving at Battersea, Ronnie underwent medical checks before the centre checked through a list of potential future homes, looking at variables such as Ronnie’s personality, any existing animals in the home, and the presence, or otherwise, of children. 

After staying with staff member Alice Holt, he was soon matched up, vaccinated and microchipped, and left Battersea to start his new life.

Another picture? Go on then.


Before Ronnie was rehomed, Battersea home intake manager Steven Craddock said:

“It doesn’t shock any of us that the first dog through our doors in 2018 was bought online. Ronnie is just one of many thousands of dogs who will be bought off an unregulated website in the coming months and end up in a home where the owner is unprepared and unable to take proper care of them. His new owner did the right thing by bringing him into us where we can look after him and find him a loving new home, which we doubt will take long as he’s such a lovely boy.

“However, this doesn’t change the fact that he never should have been sold online in the first place. He may have been taken from his mother far too young and likely sold by a breeder with absolutely no regard for his welfare.”

Mr Craddock added: “I’d encourage anyone thinking of welcoming a new pet into their lives to consider rescue over shopping online.”

Just one more for the road? Here we go.



(Images: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home)