Banksy strikes again


Banksy is back. The notorious graffiti artist (or 'hoodlum, who does he think he is?' depending on your viewpoint) has been up to his old tricks in central London, daubing a wall with the provocative slogan ‘If graffiti changed anything – it would be illegal’.

The mantra (itself a subtle reworking of the old anarchist credo ‘If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal’) is displayed on a cracked white wall in the elegant environs of Fitzrovia, not far from the BT Tower, and features Banksy’s long-time calling card, a stencilled rat.

Some Banksy aficionados have suggested the work is related to a number of high profile graffiti artists such as Invader and Revok being arrested in Los Angeles.

Of course, how long the artwork is on view remains to be seen. Banksy’s last seditionary act in Fitzrovia – One Nation Under CCTV – was removed by Westminster Council, which also controls this part of London, after it stated the work shouldn’t have been erected without planning permission.

Banksy’s rat can be found on the corner of Cleveland Street and Clipstone Street – have a peek while you can.


Images: Tom Cullen/


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