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This Kickstarter project has smashed its target, and you're going to want one

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This Kickstarter project has smashed its target, and you're going to want one
25 January 2018

Hard to find a good pillow, ain’t it? They’re either too thin, too thick, not enough filling, too hard, made of spikes, etc. - it’s a tough job buying one, particularly if you want one with, I don’t know, a pocket for your phone on it.

But fret not! I’ve found one for you! It is called the Omni-Pillow and it is a magical Pandora’s Box of a pillow - a true Swiss Army Knife of a headrest. But how? What are we dealing with here? What’s the deal with this gosh-darn pillow?

Well, it’s this:

  • It has three separate flexible functions - it can wrap around your neck like a normal travel pillow; it can fold over and rest on a flat surface; and it can also be strapped to an existing pillow to form a super-mega-pillow.
  • It has an adjustable strap to make it fit any size neck (human neck, anyway, not like a giraffe or something).
  • It has a pocket for your phone.
  • It’s got a headphone port.
  • It’ll fold down into a waterproof case, the size of a mere mango. A MERE MANGO YOU APES!

Here it is in action:

Manufacturer Banale CMO Riccardo Belleggia, says:

“There are so many hours and nights spent in airplanes, trains, busses, hostels, and airbnbs, searching for waves, exploring new countries, working hard to build our business or traveling to visit our families.

“I can’t even count how many kilometers the Omni-Pillow prototypes have traveled.”

So if you want to bag one of the rigourously-tested pillow, then head on over to the Kickstarter here, and chuck some cash their way. £39 will nab you one when they ship in April, but throw in a bit more dough and you’ll get extras like eye-masks, ear-plugs and the like. You’ll be in good company too - it’s already made $117,861 in pledges out of its initial $11,947 target.

Happy sleeping, you big old lazy sloth!

(Image: Jason Blackeye/Banale)