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Bah Gawd! Jim Ross returned to WWE at Wrestlemania 33

The voice of sports entertainment is back!

Bah Gawd! Jim Ross returned to WWE at Wrestlemania 33
03 April 2017

Get yourself a coffee, now – you look like a bag of shit. Couple of swift slaps to the chops, a walk around the office, a splash of water on your boat should do the trick. You’re deathly tired, and for good reason too – you stayed up watching Wrestlemania last night, didn’t you? You don’t need to ask yourself why – it was worth it 100%, for reasons including but not limited to [SPOILERS]:

  • Jericho got sodding Walls Of Jerichoed
  • The Hardy Boyz returned and got daym won the tag-team title
  • John Cena won the proposal title by asking Nikki Bella to marry him
  • It was WWE’s biggest legend, the Undertaker’s swan-song

Oh yeah, and Jim Ross came back. Only the entire world’s favourite wrestling announcer – Good ol' JR had been absent since 2013, but made a triumphant return to the table, alongside Michael Cole and JBL, for the final match.

Does this signal the return of The Voice of the WWE? It seems so, but not necessarily in a permanent or regular sense – it seems he’s expected to make the odd future appearance at special events. Any JR is a good JR, so you should be thankful we’re getting any of him at all – thankful to his late wife, in particular, who had urged him to appear at Wrestlemania again.

So while you’re waiting for the big man’s next stint, why not satiate your Ross cravings by grabbing some of his BBQ sauce? Did you know he makes BBQ sauce? Of course you did – he is an American celebrity, of course he’s got a sauce.