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Star Wars' Cantina Band is Australia's favourite song to have sex to

The infectious song is the nookie tune of choice Down Under

Star Wars' Cantina Band is Australia's favourite song to have sex to
Danielle de Wolfe
15 February 2017

Think of your favourite tune to get down and dirty to and you’ll probably think of some sultry tones, some smooth beats to get you both in the mood. Marvin Gaye, perhaps, or Stevie Wonder. Who knows, maybe a bit of Drake. But surely not the gold bubble-headed Cantina Band from Star Wars, right? 


According to one study by Spotify research in Australia, this is exactly what lovebirds Down Under have been listening to when they get it on. We’re not sure whether we should be proud or ashamed of our antipodean brothers but they found the Biths’ song from A New Hope featured most prominently of all songs on playlists put together for boning sessions.

Poor, Marvin

It came top of a sex list compiled by the music streaming company, beating the likes of Rihanna, Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire and Jeremih’s Birthday Sex. We’re just not sure we wanted to know this about Aussies or not.

The song, similar to big bands of the Thirties, was played by a group of dome-headed, black-eyed Bith in the cantina visited by Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in 1977’s A New Hope.

Spotify Australia also compiled a list of the most romantic songs chosen by users, with Ed Sheerhan's Thinking Out Loud topping the list, and another for love songs with Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On taking top spot.

Not that Ed or Marvin can hold a candle to the Cantina band though. We’d like to see the pair keeping their composure mid-set when blaster fire breaks out between warring alien species.