Are you smarter than an 8-year-old?


Remember that film in which Haley Joel Osment plays a nine-year-old autistic genius hunted by shady government assassins after he unwittingly cracks a top secret code in a puzzle book?

Sadly this puzzle isn’t quite as exciting as that, but it will allow you to test your mettle against 8-year-old geniuses in Vietnam, who have reportedly been cracking this code with ease.

Your job is to fill the missing gaps in the snake with the numbers 1-9, using only each number once. That colon sign represents division. All it involves is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, so no further maths or Einstein-esque theories.

According to The Independent, there are reportedly 362,880 combinations for placing nine different digits in the nine slots.

Prodigal youngsters or is it really child's play? Good luck.


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