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Apple's second Android app is getting trolled with 1 star reviews

Come on kids. Play nice?

Apple's second Android app is getting trolled with 1 star reviews
30 October 2015

Come on kids. Play nice?

Apple has released its Beats Pill+ app on the Google Play store - only the second occasion the Californian tech group has developed an app for Android users.

Less than 24 hours later and its review section is teeming with childish (if smirk-inducing) one-star reviews.

The app, which allows users to control the Apple-owned Beats Bluetooth speaker, has met the same fate as Apple's primary Android offering: the 'Move to iOS' tool was peppered with one-star hatred from an incensed Android crowd.

The bile currently aimed toward the Beats Pill+ app has a great deal more humour to it, centring on medication puns.

Right, now we've all had a chuckle let's get back to behaving like adults and unite in our common hatred of late trains, the government and anyone who looks a bit different to us.

Brandin Hand

Doesn't work as advertised. I left my Benadryl in the other room so I downloaded this app with hopes that it'd use its Bluetooth or cloud services or whatever to fetch it for me. It did no such thing. One star.

forgotten soul

Does not work with my prescription pills. I tried to pair this with my pills but it simply does not work. Thanks apple!!!

Pat Worster

Incorrectly advertised. Downloaded this app expecting it to be a cloud-based prescription medication reminder. Instead it's some Google play music knockoff. Uninstalled, don't know what the developer was thinking when they made this.

Greg Gherardi

I called tech support and Dr. Dre was extremely rude to me. I think he might not even be a doctor.

Oliver Anderson-Sanford


Sachin Thakkar

Did not cure my flu like symptoms. What kind of a pill is this?

M Al

Instructions weren't clear, got my penis stuck in the ceiling fan.

Akshay Basavaraj

Duh... what?? I thought this app will scratch my back where i cannot reach. Does nothing of that sort. Fail apple. One star.

Simon Garcia

0/10 Does not connect with my beats nor my pills