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8 app games to play once you're done with Pokémon GO

Time to fill your Pokéhole

8 app games to play once you're done with Pokémon GO

Here are eight more colourful, cartoon-y games to drain your battery with now you’re over the Pokémon Go hype.


Loathe as we are to use the word ‘cool’, Severed is really cool. Like a strange, more violent and beautiful Zelda with intuitive controls, you traverse a dangerous universe to face some seriously psychedelic baddies.

iOS £4.99


One part Wipeout, two parts that helicopter game you played in IT lessons at school, plus a bit of Temple Run: you guide a spaceship through mazes to a soundtrack that echoes Kraftwerk.

Android £2.79/iOS £2.29

Tales From Deep Space

With its intricate design, humour and tough puzzles, TFDS is unlike most mobile games. With Futurama vibes, it tells the story of a professor and his robot pal who are tangled in an evil alien conspiracy.

Android, £2.77/iOS, £2.99

Goat Simulator

In Goat Simulator, you are a goat that destroys towns: blowing up buildings, rendering rows of houses to smouldering rubble. Think of it as the Farmville and GTA crossover you never knew you wanted.

Android & iOS, £3.99


Diffission is a pleasingly slick experience: you're presented with a shape that you must divide into a particular fraction. Swipe lines through the shape to cut it. Score points for your success. As you progress through the levels, the shapes will become increasingly hard to divide, while additional labelled blocks will give you extra points if they're divided in the right way. 

iOS, £2.29


An infuriating, hilarious, addictive experience, Dunkers is sort of a basketball game (in the same way that table football is sort of a football game - it is, but it isn't). You control a character (after a fashion, it's more luck than control) with two moves: "dunk", which moves you forward and "defend", which moves you backwards. Thing is, your arms spin continuously, without your input.

iOS, Android, free


You start with a single tree in a unique location. You must expand your network, gathering resources and strengthening your forest army. As you expand, you must build defences (different types of tree) to fight off shadowy little figures from neighbouring worlds. It's a beautiful, thoughtful, well-crafted experience that deserves a spot on your iPhone. There should be more games about magic trees.

iOS, £2.29


Remember when you were a kid? When a marble and some sort of gradient could provide you with hours of entertainment? Perchang replicates these formative delights on your iPhone: a puzzle marble run game, every level sees you control two features - one red, one blue - with a corresponding button. It could be a magnet, a switch, a fan, a flipper - something out of a game of Mousetrap. 

iOS, £1.49