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Anti-iPhone goes back to basics

The phone that's only a phone

Anti-iPhone goes back to basics
Danielle de Wolfe
16 November 2010

We love gadgets. A quick scan about the office and there's six iPhones, one iPad (please don't rob us), a bizarre ball-shaped speaker system and a spring-activated head scratcher, which unnervingly gets passed about from employee to employee.

Alas, even we get overcome by technology from time-to-time. So it's with a small degree (very small, in all honesty) of excitement that we welcome the anti-iPhone, perhaps the stupidest telephone built in the last 20 years. But stupid is its selling point.

Hailed as the world's simplest phone, the £67 "John's Phone" targets users who don't want to check their Twitter feed or update Facebook, or be pestered by work emails.

The phone only makes and receives calls thanks to the button dial including a green 'hello' and red 'bye' button.

In truth, however, calling it stupid may well be bullying. Users can, in fact, access an address book and play games, but these come in the form of a paper book which slots into the back of the gizmo.

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