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Anthony Joshua absolutely savaged a punch machine on Graham Norton

19 fights, 19 wins, 19 knockouts. 1 lovely machine high score

Anthony Joshua absolutely savaged a punch machine on Graham Norton

Anthony Joshua is really good at punching things.

Like, really good.

Olympic gold medal good.

WBA, IBF and IBO heavyweight champion good.

A 19-0 professional fight record with 19 knockouts good.

As Don King expy Lucius Sweet might put it, he is currently “King of Fistiana.”

But just *how* hard can Joshua punch? Well in a recent *entirely scientific study on The Graham Norton Show, the Watford-born puncher showed us just what happens when it hits with full force.

(*not scientific at all)

In a hilarious segment on last week’s show, Norton wheeled out a punching machine to test the punching power of his guests.

Rachel Weisz, Martin Freeman and Greg Davies all stepped up before Anthony to try their best and give the punch machine their best right-hander.

First came Rachel, with a playful jab that scored a 182 like an incredibly strong five-year-old, though we think she might have been holding back.

Next, Martin Freeman, proving himself a little pocket rocket with an entirely respectable 594.

Our third puncher was Greg Davies, who put his 6ft 8 frame to work and smashed home a score of 632. You do not want to mess with Greg Davies in a pub. Greg Davies would end you

But if Greg would end you,  Anthony Joshua would… well, it doesn’t bear thinking about. The current heavyweight champion of the world registered a massive 848 on the punching machine, throwing the sort of blow that probably still haunts Wladimir Klitschko.

Joshua’s tip for punching so hard? “Punch through the bag”. Which sounds similar to an old tidbit from Mike Tyson about how he aimed for the “back of opponent’s heads” when punching.

Basically, be really massive and follow through probably when punching and you might be heavyweight champion of the world one day.

Or at least set a new record on the punch machine at your local chippie.