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Turns out Animal Crossing was the thing we all needed right now

Who would have thought?

Turns out Animal Crossing was the thing we all needed right now
23 March 2020

We were very excited about the release of Animal Crossing this weekend (and the release of this specially themed Switch only increased that excitement tenfold).

And it looks like we weren't the only ones desperate to get back to island life, with sales of New Horizons making records for the franchise.

Not only has it outsold New Leaf by three and a half times, it's also become the fastest selling Switch game of all time, and is well on its way to beating New Leaf lifetime sales in just a few months.

Considering the charts only count physical copies bought, not digital downloads, the actual number of copies sold is likely to be much, much higher, though by how much we don't actually know.

If you're one of the few Switch owners who hasn't get bought the game, we'll give you a quick overview of what the game looks like. It's pretty similar to previous iterations – you're running around an island catching bugs and doing DIY, making friends and developing your town.

But unlike previous games, you're not moving into already semi-established towns: the island is completely deserted, and it's up to you how you develop it.

It's not hugely surprising that the game has done so well at this particular point in time.

Obviously it's just fun – it's hugely charming and very relaxing, and in a busy world there's often no better escape than just picking up shells on a beach or working on building a new house.

But with coronavirus keeping many of us both stressed and indoors, the appeal of such a sweet and low-stress game is really not hard to see.