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Angry Birds 2 and 14 other addictive apps

Angry Birds 2 and 14 other addictive apps

Angry Birds 2 and 14 other addictive apps
30 July 2015

Six years.

That's how long the war has raged between Rovio's egg-pinching pigs and angered birds. Since then, there's been an Star Wars sponsored_longform, a TV series, books and an army of plush toys. There's even a feature length film due May 2016. 

But the next major instalment in one of the biggest video game titles of all time (42 million downloads and counting) has arrived on smartphones in the form of Angry Birds 2

In anticipation of Rovio's sequel filling your empty hours (or stealing the full ones), we've picked the brains of the app-obsessed Google Play team to provide a list of the most addictive arcade and action titles available for your thumbs. Prepare for some serious procrastination. 

Angry Birds 2

They're back, with some new feathered tricks. All the standard mechanics return, but now you're able to pick which bird you fire next, adding a new level of strategy to the game. There are bigger levels, new multiplayer challenges and many, many more excuses to stay up late for "just one more try".

Android: Free
iOS: Free

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Still yet to sample the brick phenomena? It's not going away any time soon. The pocket edition is just as life-consuming as the PC classic, that sees you build worlds and head out on pixelated adventures. This is not just for kids.

Android: £4.99
iOS: £4.99

Geometry Dash

A shape-heavy platformer. Jump, fly and flip your way over spikes, pitfalls and the usual plethora of platforming obstacles. A superb soundtrack, which helps take the frustration off the difficult sections. 


Shadow Fight 2

Everyone wants to be a ninja, right? Thought so. This is as close as you can get on your mobile. Kick, punch, jump, and slash your way to victory.

Android: Free
iOS: Free
Windows: Free

Cooking Fever

A 'time management cooking game' is hardly a description to set pulses racing, but Cooking Fever has a strangely addictive level of charm behind its counter. You 'cook' meals for your punters, using some 150 ingredients to create 400 dishes. 

Android: Free
iOS: Free

Mars Pop - Bubble Shooter

You'e right, there's nothing alluring about that title. But behind the bubblegum façade lies a deeply addictive multiplayer experience. Similar to oh-so-many colour-matching shooters, this app allows you to take part in international tournaments and challenge friends.

Android: Free 
iOS: Free
Windows: Free

Worms 3

A title that hardly needs introduction - yet we're baffled that so few people are aware of this superb mobile port. See if your Super Sheep skills are as sharp as they used to be.

Android: £2.99
iOS: £3.99

8 Ball Pool

Say what you see: an eight ball pool arcade experience, with deeply satisfying physics, that allows you to play friends or total strangers - who are all a LOT better than you.

iOS: Free

Marvel Contest of Champions

Admit it. The notion of a beat'em'up game that pits Wolverine against Iron Man, has just raised your heart rate a touch. A furious, fast screen tapper, you're able to pit all your favourite Marvel characters against all your slightly less favoured Marvel characters. Your phone's battery won't know what hit it.

Android: Free
iOS: Free

Hitman: Sniper

If you don't love arcade sniper games, you're wrong. Just wrong. 

Playing Agent 47, you pick off your foes from range through a variety of levels and challenges. Points are awarded for trickier shots - there's a neat trick you can do with a glass barrier we don't want to spoil for you.

Android: £3.99
iOS: £3.99

Batman Arkham Origins

Marvel on Marvel not your thing? Then this Batman battler should be more your thing. Taking the combat element from the hugely popular console series, this app manages to capture the slick combo skills of the main game. And using a Batarang is as cool as you hope it would be.

Android: Free
iOS: Free

Daddy Long Legs

"Walk as far as you can" doesn't sound like much of a game - but you're going to want to try this bizarre take on arcade gaming. You have to time the leg movements of your 'Daddy', which will collapse in hilarious style should you move too quickly or slowly. A weird and wonderful game.

Android: Free
iOS: Free

Double Dragon Trilogy

Miss the good old days of Streets of Rage? You don't have to - the Double Dragon Trilogy is an adequate solution to that nostalgia. Kick, punch, knee and fumble your way through foe-filled streets. 

Android: £2.19
iOS: £2.19

Crazy Taxi Classic

The crazed cab rides again. Every bit as hectic as the Dreamcast classic, this mobile version manages that tricky task of building functional touch-screen controls. Engage in three, five or ten minute rides, or Original Mode, thrilling your fares into submission.

Android: £3.82
iOS: £3.99

8bit Doves

Forget Flappy Bird, this is the only bird-based experience you need on your mobile. A gorgeous dream world sees you navigate obstacles with well timed flaps, as you attempt to escape this VR prison. A beautiful bit of mobile escapism.

Android: £1.99
iOS: £2.29