Andy Serkis read Trump's tweets in his Gollum voice and honestly they make more sense now

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Emily Reynolds

Fans of gun-toting monkeys riding horses into burning buildings will probably already know that there’s a new Planet of the Apes film out – War of the Planet of the Apes, it’s called. You’ll probably also know that Andy Serkis, who stars in the film as intelligent CGI chimp Caesar, started his career playing creepy desiccated hobbit Gollum in Lord of the Rings. 

And when Serkis appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, it was the latter role he revived – with his (or Gollum’s) unique take on Donald Trump’s tweets. 

Jumping onto his chair, Serkis read some of Trump’s most ridiculous, belligerent and inappropriate tweets – including the now infamous “covfefe” typo. And it’s… actually weirdly apt, to be honest? 

There’s already a Twitter account doing a Trump/Gollum mashup, too. Obviously.

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