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An illustrated guide to the biggest music moments of 2015

An illustrated guide to the biggest music moments of 2015

An illustrated guide to the biggest music moments of 2015
08 December 2015

We're swiftly approaching the end of 2015 as we know it which means that it's time to reflect upon what's been and gone. The things that we will look back upon and say: I remember where I was. Probably. 

Here's an illustrated round-up of the most talked about moments in music for 2015, handily compiled into an illustrated vision of ridiculousness by musical streaming site Deezer. Enjoy. 

Drake dances like nobody is watching

A moment that warmed the hearts of every man that's ever tried to awkwardly display any kind of rhythm, Drake's Hotline Bling video brought both ridicule and admiration for the star with the swaying display of a Dad at a wedding that simply wants to move. Sure the moves in question make little sense but that's what dancing is about. Expression. And possibly regret.

We became Beliebers

Arguably the greatest PR move since time began, Justin Bieber has seemingly managed to transform himself from annoying pop-brat to a blonde-locked icon. You might scoff but somewhere between that disposition and being a Calvin Klein model he became a bona fide hit monster that doesn't just appeal to tweens. We still don't know how what to think about it all, but dammit does it feel right.

Kanye was Kanye again

A year in music wouldn't really be anything if it didn't involve Kanye doing something odd, and 2015 has been a doozy. Firstly he did his party trick of interrupting other people's award wins by disrupting polymath Beck's acceptance for Best Album at the Grammy's. His reason? Because Kanye is the greatest rockstar, obviously. Not Beck. And then there was Lee Nelson interrupting Kanye's Glasto set to dish out some Karma. Which didn't work because Kanye does what he wants and was thinking about getting in a cherry picker and launching leather trousers for dogs or something.

Dave Grohl did the most Dave Grohl thing ever

Nicest man in rock Dave Grohl continued to be the greatest man alive by breaking his leg mid-set, going to the hospital and returning to finish the set wearing a cast. Before nailing numerous gigs during his recovery playing from a guitar-clad throne. They don't make them like this anymore.

Madonna learnt a valuable lesson about wearing capes

Wearing a cape that could only really be described as excessive, Madonna took the tumble of the year during her performance at the Brit Awards. Owing to the cape not detaching at the right moment (we've all been there) she was yanked backwards by one of her dancers landing flat on her backside. It was probably incredibly painful; it was also hilarious. 

Shia Labeouf became a performance artist

Shia Labeouf dancing in a cage with a 12-year-old girl for Sia's music video for Elastic Heart. Not really much we can say about this one other than it being awkward, uncomfortable and only marginally more confusing than that time he put a paper bag on his head for proper ages.

Rihanna went explicit

There was a time when a swiftly-shaking pelvis was all that it really took to shock the world with a music video. Those days are long gone so instead we have Rihanna singing songs about 'bitches' that are in debt to her, while she kidnaps someone and subjects them to some weird S&M torture before doing a weird stabby murder on Mads Mikkelsen. Classic RiRi.

Tay Tay and Nicki Minaj fell out for a bit

Taylor Swift was nominated for an award over Minaj and it was deemed to be industry bias. Which may or may not be true. What followed was the most boring Twitter spat ever with Taylor attempting to show she sided with Minaj but just came across condescending. Then they made friends because... THAT'S SHOWBUSINESS! 

Zayn went his own direction

You hear that sound? It's the sound of millions of teenage girls crying salty tears into their Zayn Malik embossed pillowcase. The most interesting member of One Direction, Zayn decided that enough was enough and parted ways with the boys. For a brief period everyone involved was really upset and then they realised they were still super rich and handsome and that ultimately it didn't matter. Ageing Take That fans sympathised, Harry Styles became slightly more handsome.

The Weeknd writes a hit with dubious meaning

Question: Is The Weeknd's song, 'I can't feel my face when I'm with you' about:

A) A dentist

B) The numbness of love and how it overrides your senses

C) Taking copious amounts of pills and seeing colours that you've never seen before.

And can somebody please tell Tom Cruise the answer to this question before he lip syncs it again on a major television show.