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Amish men go to jail for road safety violation

Religion Vs the colour orange

Amish men go to jail for road safety violation
15 September 2011

If you know anything about the Amish, and we assume that it's all from watching Witness, it's that they live a simple life free of sins and bright colours.

But over in Kentucky, a community has clashed with modern society in a rather embarrassing way. Nine of their menfolk were jailed after they refused to put orange safety triangles on their carts.

They objected because of the damn garish colour as it violated their modesty code. Fines were initially imposed but they claimed that paying them would mean complying with a law that's against their religion.

Suitably frustrated authorities finally handed them jail sentences, ranging from three to ten days. Slight problem though. They'd have to wear orange jumpsuits so darker ones were ordered instead.

There's also the issue about when they're released. The men have asked for permission to use lanterns and grey reflective tape yet it's been denied as it won't be as effective.

The war brews on. We're betting on orange.

(Images: Rex)