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Amir Khan asked if a woman has ever been Prime Minister and Twitter can't handle it

Really Amir? REALLY?!

Amir Khan asked if a woman has ever been Prime Minister and Twitter can't handle it

Amir Khan has been providing the nation with an endless supply of laughter on I’m a Celebrity this year as he reveals more and more of his ridiculous personality. 

First, it was uncovered that when he was asked by a fan on Twitter whether he would ever appear on the programme, Khan replied: “No, it’s for has beens”. Then in a video to promote the show, he said: “Bushtucker trial? I’ve never heard of it. What is that?” And when it was time for the 30-year-old boxer to face his first challenge, he totally bottled the trial inside a giant termites’ nest.

Now, Khan has set Twitter on fire with jokes and memes after he revealed he didn’t know a woman had ever been prime minister. 

Last night, after Made in Chelsea’s Georgia Toffolo was appointed as the jungle’s deputy Prime Minister, he asked: “Has a woman ever become Prime Minister?” In utter disbelief, his campmates quickly reminded him of Margaret Thatcher and the current PM Theresa May. Obviously embarrassed and apparently not understanding he was being filmed, he said: “Guys, don’t tell no-one that.”

Predictably, viewers were dumbfounded by the boxer’s remark:

But some people accused Khan of sexism over the comment – especially after he called Georgia a ‘small, little girl’ earlier in the episode. Nina tweeted: “I genuinely don’t understand the rallying of Amir Khan. I find he lacks intelligence, he’s mildly sexist, naive, simple-minded, ignorant and just extremely dim. And no, I don’t find any of those attributes endearing.”

Ollie tweeted: “Amir Khan is so disinterested in this country that he doesn’t even know we have a female prime minister. He would be amazed what women can do these days! #Sexism is strong in this one! #womenknowyourplace #norealjobsforyou”.

And Becky said: “Is Amir Khan serious what idiot would legitimately think that in this day and age a woman couldn’t be prime minister?”

More than 10 million people watched the season opener of I’m a Celebrity this year – ITV’s highest-rated show of 2017. And viewers were particularly impressed with how hosts Ant and Dec handled Ant’s time in rehab for addiction to alcohol and prescription painkillers. 

ShortList has contacted Amir Khan’s representatives for comment.

(Image: Rex)