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Amber Le Bon's Ultimate Playlist

Model & DJ reveals her top music picks

Amber Le Bon's Ultimate Playlist

As the daughter of Duran Duran frontman Simon, it's safe to say that model Amber Le Bon would have had a pretty comprehensive musical upbringing.

She's put that education to good use by making her DJ debut at the Destino resort in Ibiza this summer at the Cîroc On Arrival party, with legendary photographer Mario Testino on hand to capture the moment.

We spoke to Amber to discover her Ultimate Playlist - read on to hear some great tunes and the stories behind the selections.

Favourite Sad Song

"Winter Lady by Leonard Cohen is one of my all-time favourite sad songs. My Dad would play it to me on the guitar and we’d sing it together. There’s something about the music that feels uncluttered but not empty, and I find the line, “I’m just a station on your way I know I’m not your lover,” particularly sad."

Favourite movie soundtrack song

"I absolutely love film and TV score and recently I became obsessed with the title music called Demimonde to the TV series Penny Dreadful, composed by Abel Korzeniowski. It’s dark and romantic, and I found it completely addictive, so much so that I’d keep rewinding the titles to hear it about three times!"

Favourite song from your childhood

"My parents would always play the album Beleza Tropical when I was young: every single car journey we went on. It’s a wonderful album of various Brazilian artists. That entire album is still one of my favourite albums today, in particular Caixa Del Sol by Nazaré Pereira."

Favourite song that no one else has heard of

"There’s a young band that I know very well called Happyness and when I listen to their song I feel this proud older sister-type emotion. Montreal Rock Band Somewhere has a laid back sparkly sound to it, amazingly weird lyrics and I love that it has a full minute-long intro. Totally about embracing the oddness, the perfect chill music."

Favourite club anthem

"I love the songs that make me smile when I DJ and Sunlight (ft.Years and Years) by The Magician does that. It has this happy warm feeling to it that makes even those people who don’t dance want to nod their heads to it."

Favourite wedding song

"When Rebel Rebel comes on everybody dances. It reminds me of my best friend at her wedding; her dancing round in her wedding dress, me making sure no one got near with red wine, both of us singing as loud as we could and dancing like crazy. David Bowie I think inspired more people than any other, and he’s definitely inspired me, his music had a huge impact on me growing up."

Favourite one-hit wonder

"Lipps Inc. only had one No.1 hit, but boy it was a good one, Funkytown is a fantastic song and works so well in disco sets."

Favourite lyric from a song

"There’s a part in Dream Brother by Jeff Buckley that has just stuck with me. One of my friends and I used to do what we called musical education nights that’d go on until 5am where he’d play me a song and then I’d play him a song, playing everything from country, to punk, to classical music lying on the floor with our heads between the speakers. He played me this and it completely blew my mind. 'With your head in your hands and her kiss on the lips of another/with your eyes to the ground and the world spinning round forever/asleep in the sand with the ocean washing over'."