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Alternative Mad Men posters

Even Don would approve

Alternative Mad Men posters

You might have noticed a slightly frantic tone to our writing of late. No, it's not the severe temperature that's to blame but the fact that the rabidly-anticipated sixth season of Mad Men begins in April.

It's causing ripples of excitement throughout the office and even influencing a few questionable attempts at aping Don Draper's style. No names.

To make the wait even harder/easier/more interesting, we've assembled some of the finest fan-made Mad Men posters out there, made from people even more excitable than us. If that's possible.

You can find the artists at the very bottom.

Mad Men: Season 6 begins on April 7th

(Images: Kristian Hay, Matt Needle, Ben Whitesell, Made By Radio, British Indie, Albert Exergian, Impale Design, Luke Beard, Joey Vestal)