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This now cancelled Aliens game sounds amazing

It was lost during the Disney-Fox merger

This now cancelled Aliens game sounds amazing
18 February 2020

If you love the Alien franchise, you'll be extremely disappointed to hear that we just missed out on what looks like an incredibly fun game based on the series.

The game was unveiled on Twitter by 3D Realms vice president Frederik Schreiber, who revealed that it was "quite far into pre-production" when the Disney-Fox acquisition got in the way and ended the project.

The game was called Alien: Hadley's Hope, Schreiber also revealed, and would have been a co-operative game that saw players team up to beat various Alien Queens, as well as battling an incredibly aggressive environment on the planet.

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Players would have needed "teamwork and tactics" to progress through levels, the completion of which would have seen them face the ultimate Alien Queen.

There would also have been egg hunts and other mini-games to enjoy.

Schreiber noted that the company are now working on other games, meaning Alien is firmly on the shelf. But we can dream – maybe one day we really will be able to do battle on that hostile planet.