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Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression is pure genius

"They're going to Mexico, they're going to Ji-na!"

Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression is pure genius

It's become so easy to make fun of Donald Trump in the last couple of months. Whether it's about his bad hair, mumbling rants or his quite strange love for his daughter, it's almost become lazy to poke fun at the presidential candidate because there's just so much material. But Alec Baldwin's recent impression of the businessman turned politician on Saturday Night Live was an absolute game changer.

From the smug eye closed pout, to the excessive sniffing, to the well written lines that honestly could've been said by Trump himself ("I'm going to be so're going to cream your jeans"), Baldwin's portrayal is bang on the money (not taxed, of course). 

Take a look for yourself and see if you could tell the difference...