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Alan Partridge's LinkedIn profile is an absolute joy

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Alan Partridge's LinkedIn profile is an absolute joy
Marc Chacksfield
02 September 2020

Alan Partridge is back this week with a brand-new podcast, From the Oasthouse. And to make sure people know about it, he's decided to go and get himself a LinkedIn account.

ShortList's editor is one of the lucky ones who's been added to his 'network' and is feeling very inspired after reading his first post: Think Yourself Creative: A Thought Piece.

You can read the full thing here but here's a small extract for you, where Alan wants you to be inventive when it comes to things like getting out of bed:

"Think about the way you get out of bed. You always get out of bed the same way - flopping one side of the duvet up, letting both legs dollop over the side, before planting the feet and standing up. Spend a few minutes thinking of another way to leave the bed, a different way to leave the bed. Roly poly off the end; stand on it and jump to the door; have an obese friend jump onto the mattress in a way that catapults you up and out, I don’t know. Just think, see what occurs."

While we don't know if these words of wisdom will spark a new career move by Alan or something else, it's a pleasure seeing him on LinkedIn.

Alan Partridge's LinkedIn profile is an absolute joy

Charlotte Davies, Careers Expert at LinkedIn is also happy having Alan on board, noting: “We were delighted to see that Alan has joined the LinkedIn network. We hope that our members will be able to benefit from the advice of such an experienced, dynamic and versatile broadcaster. In turn, we hope that Alan is also able to pick up some tips and advice on professional etiquette from our members.”

Yes, it's all tongue in cheek, but it's great to see the team behind Partridge's new podcast doing something different to promote the thing.

We just can't wait for the next post where he tells us why he waking up at 4:30am every morning is key to his business success.

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