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Airline Launches Mood-Based Seating

Airline Launches Mood-Based Seating

Airline Launches Mood-Based Seating

It is scientific fact that there is nothing worse in life than sitting next to someone on a plane who wants to natter away about the weather when all you want to do is sleep, or watch the clouds drift by. Actually, you could be next to a crying baby for a long-haul flight. But let's not even think about that.

So let's hope that Air Baltic's innovative new method of allocating seats according to mood catches on around the world.

Latvia's national airline has unveiled the "SeatBuddy" system and passengers are able to select from three different 'flight moods': Work - for those people who need to take their office with them; Business Talk - for passengers keen to network and Relax - for those who just want to be left alone. In addition, passengers will be invited to list their hobbies and interests.

The service then decides - using methods similar to dating sites - who will be most suited to sit next to each other, with perfect in-flight harmony ensuing, at least in theory.

However, passengers are not allowed to ban people from sitting next to them, and it's an optional service - so if there's an odd-number of participants you could still end up next to that restless toddler. Although perhaps if you list your hobbies as 'corporal punishment' and 'strangling' you might get the peace and quiet you've been craving.

(Image: Rex Features)