After all that fuss, Leo got drunk and left his Oscar in a bar


On one level, if you’d personally waited as long as Leo had to win an Oscar you definitely couldn’t be blamed for partying so hard afterwards that the following day your entire memories of the win were completely erased.

On the other, if you’d waited as long as Leo had to win an Oscar you’d definitely hold onto it and never let it go. Just like Jack and Rose in Titanic, except, literally never letting it go rather than just saying it and then letting it plunge to an icey death because you’re too selfish to let it onto the big door.

Well, following his win for Best Actor for his liver-eatin’, bone-shakin’ turn in The Revenant, DiCaprio managed to leave his golden, freshly engraved statuette at a bar.

A video recorded by celebrity-bating site TMZ shows the moment that he was reunited with his trophy after emerging from a bar without it. The Oscar faithfully returned by a pal, probably along with the words: "This is why we can't have nice things."

We’ll let you off this time Leo but seriously, keep an eye on your stuff.