This airline is hiring pilots with zero experience and training them for free

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It could be you - this airline is hiring pilots with zero experience and training them for free

Want to be a pilot but can’t be arsed with a million years of training and a hefty dent in your bank balance? Read on…

“I wanna be a pilot and I wanna get paid now, pooper, pooper scooper” or however the song goes. But it’s true, isn’t it? Being a pilot is a pretty cushy job - you get to travel the world, get paid a pretty packet and most importantly of all: you get to wear a silly hat.

But it’s quite a lot of effort and very a lot of money to get yourself there in the first place - out of the wheelhouse of most people, in all honesty. 

Unless of course, you apply to become a trainee pilot with Irish airline Aer Lingus before May 13. This is because they’re offering a pretty snazzy scheme that will enable you to apply without a hint of training or money.

Simply sign up, and you’ll embark on a 14-month training course to nab you a fancy licence. After that you’ll complete another 12-week course and then you’re set to hit the skies. Sounds crazy, but it’s an effort by the airline to tackle the dwindling number of pilots in the industry.

Once you’ve landed a job (provided you don’t turn up pissed on your last day of training or something), you’ll be looking at a salary of about €72,000, as well as taking on a nice bit of compensation during the training, too. Considering that this type of thing normally costs trainees over €100,000, you’re in the presence of a rather hulking bargain, here.

With regards to other qualifications, you’ve simply got to be over 18, fluent in English, and have the right to live and work in the European Union.

They say they want people who are “technically-minded, mature, responsible, and committed to succeed.”

If that sounds like you, you’ve got until May 13 to apply here - get your skates on, you slowcoach!

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