Adele and Jimmy Fallon perform 'Hello' with classroom instruments and it's brilliant


"Hiya, this is Adele. I'm so glad you could join me this evening. First, let me introduce you to my band. On multicoloured xylophone, we have..."

Actually, that isn't quite how this plays out. 

When the 27-year-old (that album title is a big fat lie) singer recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon's talk show, the natural course of action was performing her hit single Hello. But Fallon, fan of a YouTube hit, decided to give things a twist - employing the talents of his in-house band The Roots and the majority of what appears to be an Early Learning Centre music section.

There's a xylophone, kazoo, ukulele, handclappers - all that stuff you used to bash about when you were four years old. Mercifully, it sounds a lot better than anything you knocked out in your childhood. 

We're off to practice our melodica solos. We think this could catch on.


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