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Ace Advertising from Alton Towers

Bottomless lift spooks shoppers

Ace Advertising from Alton Towers

Is it true that Coca-Cola comes out of the taps at an Alton Towers hotel? Or is that an urban myth? Either way Alton Towers rocks.

And that doesn't only apply to their rides. Their advertising is a touch brilliant too.

Shoppers that stepped into a lift at Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth, London were the victims of this mind-bending faux lift shaft collapse tomfoolery.

The experiment was set-up to test the fear-factor of the British public in preparation for the launch of Alton Towers Resort’s scariest attraction yet – Nemesis Sub-Terra, opening on 24th March. The ride starts in a lift that takes you deep underground beneath Alton Towers Resort, where a system of hidden and darkened caves has been uncovered.

What follows promises to to be trouser-troublingly hellish, and yet we all want to experience it. Odd that.

Video below. It may take a short while to load...