A whole bunch of Americans said they’d be in favour of bombing the fictional country from Aladdin


The results of a recent national survey by American company Public Policy Polling on GOP primary voters made for some interesting reading.

In amongst questions asking for their preferred Republican candidate for the upcoming 2016 Presidential election, participants were asked if they’d support or oppose bombing the city of Agrabah.

Only, Agrabah isn’t a real place, but instead the setting for the Disney movie Aladdin. 

The results (which you can find here - question 38)  read 30% of GOP poll members in favour of bombing the city, 13% against and 57% unsure.

Public Policy Polling have form for throwing in an occasional curveball in its survey and were sure to ask Democrat voters for their opinions of going to war with the Disney city. 

So either a lot of people need to brush up on their geography, their Disney knowledge, or think America has a shot in a war with a place that has a genie. We'll let you decide which is the funnier option.

H/T Hayes Brown at BuzzFeed News

Image: Walt Disney Company


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