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A virtual time capsule is headed to London

A virtual time capsule is headed to London

A virtual time capsule is headed to London

What message would you write to someone digging it up 50 years from now?

‘The skeletal sleekness of an early PlayStation controller will never be bettered’? ‘I told you Kanye West was an alien’? ‘Do you have a copy of Grays Sport Almanac I can borrow’?

So many important decade-defining events, so many Back to the Future gags to fit in – and you’d better start mulling over yours, because a time capsule is headed to St Pancras Station, where it will stay for one week gathering messages to be opened by people in the year 2065.

Built to commemorate the cognac brand Hennessy's 250th anniversary (and the release of the £300 Hennessy 250 Collector Blend), the historic drinks-maker will plonk the striking Hennessy Time Barrel inside the famous London station between 12-18 June. During this time, rushing commuters and visitors alike will be asked to record their messages in 15 second video or text messages.

The inspiration for the time casual was born from the work of Hennessy’s Master Blender Yann Fillioux, whose daily mission is to prepare eaux-de-vie (the water of life) for the generations of blenders to follow. And if you can’t make it down to London to take part, don’t worry, you can leave your own message at

Sure, our texts and videos will may seem primitive to the hologram-savvy crowds of tomorrow, but just wait until they hear about the white/gold blue/black dress debacle. It'll blow their minds.

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