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A video guide to the 103 Easter Eggs in Deadpool

And that probably isn't even all of them

A video guide to the 103 Easter Eggs in Deadpool

Most reactions to Marvel's recent Deadpool adaptation fall into one of two camps:

"Well that was a self-indulgent mess."


"Well that was the GREATEST. FILM. EVER."

Those pitching their opinions in the latter site will group will love the following - an extensive guide to the Easter Eggs squeezed into the adult-rated comic flick.

Staying true to the fourth-wall-breaking, satirical nature of the source material, YouTuber Mr Sunday Movies has his hands full trying to keep track of all the nods and winks. Many are obvious, but there will be heaps you missed - making evident the amount of love the creators had for this character. 

Safe to say there are spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution.