A superb minimalist poster tribute to TV series


There's a predictable pattern to the TV series fandom.

It starts with purchases of the individual box sets of the first two seasons, watched until that little circular plastic clicking thing in the DVD box breaks into a hundred pieces.

Then there's a Christmas purchase of the complete series box set, followed by the special edition Blu-ray collection the following year. Then you find yourself watching your favourite episode on your preferred TV streaming site, simply because you can't be bothered to fish the box out from the shelf.

It concludes here - with your adoration for those glorious 56-minute episodes writ large across your living room walls with a poster from The Celluloid Android

From classic British offerings like The IT Crowd to HBO blockbusters like Breaking Bad, TV addicts should find something to itch their episodic scratch amongst this collection for £7.20 each. We've picked out some of our favourites below. 

If you need us, we'll be marathoning Twin Peaks...


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