'A Cage Of Thrones' is the funniest thing you'll see all day


You know what Westeros is missing? Nicolas Cage.

Not only is this an actor fully versed in the art of the on-screen death - something most characters in George R. R. Martin’s dragons and boobs epic learn the hard way – he’s owned four real life castles. Four of them! One of those probably had a throne too.

Well now one Reddit user known as CarlosDanger100 (danger literally being his middle name) has given the people just what they want: A Cage Of Thrones. Morphing the actor’s crazy mug alongside those belonging to key characters of HBO’s Game of Thrones, these images will give you a whole new reason to marvel at Cage’s versatility. Angry. Sad. Turned on. He's got it all.

After all, who needs Daenerys? His pensive features look at home in a peroxide wig as hers ever could. It’s also worth noting he gives better Aidan Gillen as Petyr than Aidan Gillen alone could ever do.

Like what you see? Visit the editor’s Tumblr site for more. Just don't spend too long on it or everyone you meet for the rest of the day will look like Nicolas Cage.

Face/Off had nothing on this.