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A 28 Days Later sequel is in the works - and Danny Boyle and Alex Garland are on board

Prepare for the return of yet another London-based Zombie apocalypse

A 28 Days Later sequel is in the works - and Danny Boyle and Alex Garland  are on board
Danielle de Wolfe
11 January 2024

When it comes to films set against the backdrop of a Zombie apocalypse, very few come close to the timeless credentials of 28 Days Later.

Now, it's been revealed that Danny Boyle And Alex Garland are officially reuniting following their collaboration on the original to develop 28 Years Later.

News that will come as a delight to both fans of the original and doomsday-ers alike, the 28 Days Later sequel has already hit the development stage, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

28 Years Later will mark the third instalment to the franchise, after the pair stepped back into Executive Producer roles for the second instalment, 28 Weeks Later.

Starring Cillian Murphy, the original concept saw the Peaky Blinders actor awaken from a coma in the midst of a global pandemic.

Drawing the curtains to discover that London (and the rest of the world) had succumbed to a deadly virus, the post-apocalyptic tale saw humans transformed into rabid, zombie-like creatures.

Rapidly rising to cult status, the gritty original was shot in London during the early hours of the morning, ensuring the capital's streets remained largely silent - the perfect backdrop for such a premise.

A '28 Days Later’ Sequel in the Works - and Danny Boyle is on board

Released in 2007 and set six months after the original, 28 Weeks Later then saw Juan Carlos Fresnadillo make himself at home in the directors chair.

This time, though, our favourite Trainspotting director returns to the helm, with Garland faithfully by his side as he heads up the script.

Thought to be the first of a brand new trilogy, the film is said to currently be in development according to anonymous sources.

In terms of budget, the pair are thought to be asking for around $75 million for each film, with the concept being offered around studios and streamers alike this very week.

WME, who represents the pair, is thought to be managing the sale of the project.

Now that's news worth getting your teeth into.