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9 things you need to know about secretive celebrity dating app Raya

The first rule of Raya: don't talk about Raya

9 things you need to know about secretive celebrity dating app Raya
23 June 2016

You've swiped a groove in your phone with Tinder, you've bumbled nowhere with Bumble, Huggle has only got you in the friend zone - you're in need of a new dating app experience. 

How about Raya? You know. Raya. The dating app of choice for Cara Delevinge, Diplo and Nicholas Holt?

Never heard of it? We don't blame you - the app prides itself on its privacy, describing itself as an "exclusive" platform. Launched back in March 2015, here's everything you should know about the dating app you'll probably never be allowed to join.

It's for 'Creatives'

Raya describes itself as being for "people in creative industries".

We have no idea what that means. Painters? Probably not. Fashion designers? Maybe. Your mate Greg, master of tiling bathroom walls? Yeah, why not. 

There's an application process

Unlike Happn or Tinder, you're only able to join Raya after taking part in an exacting application process. 

This is reviewed by "an anonymous global committee" which exists to maintain Raya's ideal of creating a niche platform for like-minded people. This committee is made up of "people from various backgrounds, geographies, and creative industries".

Make of that what you will. 

You need to be big on Instagram

Although Raya doesn't have a "specific set of qualifications" for applications, it ratifies your identity via your Instagram account - a social network it believes to be "the most expressive and creative". 

Best get working on those hashtag skills. 

It's all about trust

Given that Raya is aimed squarely at influential creatives who might not want the wider world to know their dating habits, it takes its exclusivity and privacy very seriously. 

Should any Raya member 'out' another member, you'll be booted from the service. If you take a screenshot of another member, you'll be booted. If you're disrespectful or inappropriate... you get the idea.

Should anyone ever get uncomfortable with the service, they can hit a "Hide" button, that makes them invisible from all other users. Creatives are a shy bunch, we guess. 

You've got to be in the squad to get in

Raya very, very rarely considers an application from anyone who doesn't already have a friend in the Raya #squad. 

As such, it's a community of beautiful people who will only recommend other beautiful people. Your mate Greg might struggle...

There's a fee

Raya keeps itself running with a subscription model:

  • £5.99 for a one month membership
  • £22.99 for a six month membership

This is auto-renewing, and charged via your iTunes account. 

You can create a pretty profile

Forget selfies next to drugged up tigers, Raya wants people to be able to show off more of their personality than the average dating app.

In addition to sharing images from your Instagram and camera roll, you can connect your favourite songs and create personal 'stories' - not unlike Snapchat.

It's supported by a network of celebs and 'influencers'

Raya isn't really that much of a secret. It needs subscribers.

To help it come across as the "must have celebrity dating app", it's employed PR company The Co-Op, who specialise in "building buzz" through their influencer (think YouTubers, Instagramers, bloggers) and celebrity network. Those stories you come across in celebrity gossip columns probably aren't the result of an accidental leak - it's exactly the sort of coverage an elite dating app loves. 

Think you've got a chance?

Then you can download the app here and fill in an application. 

Fingers crossed...