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50 Cent's smart earphones

50 Cent's smart earphones

50 Cent's smart earphones
14 August 2014

Yep, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has a headphone brand. It was news to us as well. While another rapper putting his name to an audio company might not come as a great shock, it might surprise you to learn that 50's latest model is probably the smartest device you can stick in your ear.

For its new BioSport earphones, 50's SMS Audio has partnered with the clever folk at Intel to squeeze a heart-rate tracker into its hooked buds. Sitting in the curve of your ear, this neat package that will allow users monitor their exertion levels, partnering with apps such as RunKeeper to help you keep an eye on your cardio fitness, change your workout patters and keep yourself informed as to whether you should be pushing harder or easing off.

Made from a water and sweat resistant compound, the BioSport's grab power straight from your smartphone's 3.5mm headphone jack - so there's no need to carry around an extra device to keep a tab on your biometric stats. While theyaren't the first headphones to tout health monitoring tricks, they will be one of the first to market when they launch this autumn (prices are yet to be announced).

The Intel and SMS Audio are also working on a partnering app that will change your running playlist according to your heart rate - if the tempo increases, so should your steps. Keep an eye on the SMS Audio website for news on the BioSport launch, we're trying to get a word with 50 but he's a busy man.

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